Sunday, October 30, 2005

a story a day...

I think that I am going to have to tell a story a day for a few days so that my posts don't get too long. We made it back safe from Louisiana in 12 hours. It was an amazing journey. We made it back in time to see Lloyd perform at Immanuel's Trunk or Treat. Then we went out to dinner with Matt, Heather, Lloyd and his wife and Lowel (also from Echelon). It was a fun night. Greg and I then relaxed by watching "Hide and Seek" it was supposed to be a thriller and was...a little bit. Lloyd and Lowel were supposed to stay with us but they decided to drive to Columbus Ohio and see Lowel's family. Which is a fair trade off. Saturday we slept in late, did the picture thing and then had dinner with Greg's whole family at Carrabba's. Then we got to have a sleep over. Emily and Michael stayed the night with us. They accompanied me to church and are now having a blast playing with all the toys on the third floor. So I better go play with them. I'll write my first Louisiana story tomorrow (or tonight if I get a chance). God bless you! Oh pictures are now on my photography site

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