Friday, October 07, 2005

post a memory

if you read this
you must post a memory of us
it can be anything you want
it can be good or bad
just so long as it happened
then post this to your blog
and see what people remember about you


Susan said...

Well, where would I begin? High school seems like such a distant memory, but the few I have left include the good times we had! Remember when you went to homecoming with Joe? Oh, and by the way, I saw your first kiss guy the other night at a get together! (you know, turnabout I think....the breath...need I say more?) I remember the dances, the plays (thanks for stealing my part by the way), the movies, the phone calls, choir, minstrels...I could go on. Then came college and we went our seperate ways. I really do value our friendship and wish somedays, that we could go back to the "good ol Days!" Sorry we couldn't hook up while you were in WI. Have a great rest of your trip here, and hope to talk to you real soon! Love ya, Jamie!

Angie said...

Every memory is a good one. There are to many to choose from. I do remember one day we went to the zoo to take pictures. Oh and of course Shrek!!!!

Lot's of Luv,

Jenny Minor said...

My favorite memory - not being able to remember a time in my life where you weren't somehow a part of my family. Even though we don't see each other often, your family will always be a part of mine, and for that I will always be greatful to the Lord. I miss the good old days of weekends spent together, but I am so thankful that they have molded us into the women (and Eric :) we are today! God bless you always! Love, Jenny

Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

A memory? I think, personally, my favorite memory of you two was when you visited us last New Years. It honestly was a testimony at how much you tow care about me and about Kristin. It wasn't what we did or where we went, but that you came. YOu tow are very special people to me and to Kristin, please never forget how humble each of you are, how giving each of you can be, and how much of a testimony you are to all those you encounter. I feel blessed to call you friends and to ahve shared in your smiles and your love. Thank you for you. Cory