Monday, October 17, 2005

play by play of my weekend

What a fun and exciting weekend we had. It's a different kind of fun and exicitment than we had at my cousins wedding. Friday night we went over to Justin and Megan's house for our first night of our Euchre card club. It was a blast. We were there with four other couples (so six total) to play 50 hands of Euchre. We were paired up with Justin and Megan this time (Justin is Greg's supervisor's son). The night was a blast. Greg and I did not win the 50 hands but it was still a good time we had a good come back in the second half but not quite enough. It wasn't like we were the only ones who did not know the others, Justin and Megan knew everyone but that was about it. It was a great night hanging out with people our own age in our new little town. We laughed so hard and just had a blast. Justin and Megan are great and it was a great time. I looked through Justin and Megan's massive wedding album and got some new ideas. Their photographers are amazing. I strive to be that good some day. We spent time just talking after playing cards and were there till 1am. Haven't done that in a while but it was worth it!

Saturday, was a nice fall day where we could just sleep in and spend the day in our pj's if we wanted to. But Greg, mowed the lawn and I did laundry. It was a relaxing day though until we had to watch the Cards loose...but I got a bad headache and went to bed around 9pm.

Sunday brought church and work for me. I had to work at 10:45 so went to early church and straight to work. I worked for six hours and made great money. Then we had Sunday Night Alive at church. We played was SO good to play again. I totally miss it! Then we had told Matt (the youth director) that we would play part of the youth night they were having. The 7th-8th graders played against the highschoolers and then the winning team was to play the super secret team. The super secret team was the staff. So the 7th-8th grade team beat the highschoolers so we got to play two out of three. So in the first game it comes down to me and one little boy. I go to hit him and I miss so I start running back to get another ball and he gets my shoulder...bummer. But the staff won the 2nd and 3rd games. It was a blast. Then I went and played more volleyball. What a fun and exciting night!

Today I worked a long shift and made some good money. Now watching the Cardinals and text messaging Greg with any updates because he's at an All Church Worker Conference in Indianapolis. So, it's just me and the spiders for two nights! Have a great week and know that you are loved!

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