Thursday, October 13, 2005

our new pet

Image Hosted by I was working on the computer when Greg came home from work. He saw this "little" guy sitting on the sofa and was going to flick him off the sofa because he thought it was dead. But the little guy turned his head and looked at Greg...which made him realize that the bug was alive. So we took some photos of our new friend and he now lives in an old pretzel jar on our table. We've gotta show him off to our friends first before we let him go. We're trying to think of a name for him/her...any ideas? I just have one other question, how did this praying mantis get on our sofa?

After dinner Greg and I decided to try and find some dinner for our pet. So Greg went outside and found a cricket (we went online to see what they like to eat). Since crickets are not hard to find around here Greg grabbed one and put it in the "cage" with the praying mantis (we really need a name for him). The PM just grabbed the cricket, ripped its head off and went to town. Shortly after the head was gone it ripped off one of the legs and proceeded to eat that (sorta like humans eating a chicken leg) while he held the rest of the body in his left "hand". After Greg was done watching him eat the cricket he went and found a spider for the PM and the PM shoved it in his mouth and ate it like there was nothing to it. So we've had our biology lesson for the day. Good thing there aren't other PM's around so we don't have to watch them mate and possibly bite the head off the other one in the's true I found it on the Insecta Inspecta website. There now you've had a biology lesson too!


Brian & Erin said...

We have a gecko...its name is Rita! We're not sure where it came from either... :)

Erin & Brian

Anonymous said...

The praying mantis showed up on your couch because that's where you pray!? Perhaps it's name should be "T.S." for "the sign"