Sunday, October 23, 2005


did I scare you? Greg and I have been officially invited to our first costume party/hayride. We need help! We need to dress up like a famous "couple" (term used loosely). Do you have any ideas? Please remember we are on a limited budget. We also will not have a lot of time to put together our costumes. So ideas for inexpensive and fairly easy to put together costume ideas would be muchly appreciated. We'll give a prize to the winning idea! (just a little incentive to post an idea :))


Casey said...

Pebbles and Bam Bam from the Flintstones. Go to a fabric shop and buy some cheap leopard print material to make an easy outfit similar to a toga (just make it look stone age). Then, buy dog treats and hang them around your neck like bones. I did this one year and won first place in a costume contest. Easy, cheap and fast. You can put your hair like a spout on the top of your head and Greg can make his all messy! Be sure to cut the bottom of your costumes in a large fringe pattern so that it looks distressed! Maybe Greg can convert one of his baseball bats into a club to carry along.

Hope this idea helps!

Ben W. said...

I would say Mickey and Minnie Mouse! What a cute couple.