Monday, October 03, 2005

apples and scrapbooks

Today I got to pick apples with my dad, what a fun thing to do in October. I always knew that tree in our backyard had apples I just never thought they were ones we could eat. Most of the apples were bad, even though my dad had sprayed there was about one good apple for every ten bad ones. But we got at least one bushel full of good ones. My dad said that he's going to make applesauce out of the good ones...yummy! It was good to get outside in this nice WI weather and do something physical. Afterall, I have been sitting on my butt inside all weekend. That does not mean I wasn't just means I was scrapbooking.

The scrapbooking was awesome. I got 44 pages done and I made a little abc book for Heather and Chris for a wedding present. I'll put pictures of it here when I get back to IN. Can't really do that here. It was great hanging out with my aunts who I don't get to see very often. It was my dad's sister and his sister-in-law. I got to see my little cousin Noah who is almost a year old...he's SO cute! And I got to learn many new thing about my aunts and their lives...that was awesome too! We got to the hotel by 4pm on Friday and started scrappin at 5pm. We stopped for about an hour for dinner but then kept on going till 3am. It was a blast. Then we got up around 8am on Saturday and scrapped at 9:30am, stopped for lunch and dinner and then stopped for good around 2am. WOW! That's a marathon of scrapbooking. I started an album for Greg and I of all the houses we have lived in so far (for anyone that's counting that's 5 houses in 3 years). I started a book for Greg of all the churches he's preached at. I only had three churches pictures so that one didn't take too long. Then I worked on "The ABC's of Newleyweds" book for Chris and Heather. Then I finished Year One of the Seminary and started on year two. So yes, I got a lot accomplished and everything that I really wanted to get done did get done. It was a great weekend. I went to church on Sunday and got to see lots of friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I found out that a friend from college and her husband and child are now members at our church and have been for like a year. It pays to go home once in a while...and go to church. The other times I've been home this summer, it was never long enough to go to my home church. This time I'll get to go twice so that will be good. Well, I've got nothin else to write right now so have a good day and we'll see what tomorrow brings! You are LOVED!

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