Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10 things i love about you

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1. that you have a strong faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.
2. that you are not afraid to share your faith and teach people about Jesus.
3. that you still love to take me on dates.
4. that you are genuine.
5. that you care deeply about me and our families.
6. that you have a great sense of humor.
7. that you are faithful to me.
8. that you are passionate about many things (Bible, sports, me)
9. that you let me be me.
10. that you love to cuddle (even when I sometimes don't)
There are obviously many more than 10 things that I love about you but for the sake of the other readers, I'm just going to stop there!

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Happy Third Anniversary Baby! I love you so much, I cannot believe that it's already been three years, it still feels brand new! I love that about our relationship every day is a new day. Isn't that the same of our relationship with Christ? How awesome. Here's to MANY more years with you by my side...together, looking forward to what He calls us to do!


kristin : ) said...

awwwww. good for you! yay!

Angie and Mark said...

Happy Aniversary!!!!!!!

Love You Guys Lots!!!!
Angie and Mark

rsjones said...

Congrats you two! We are very happy for you and miss you a lot!


περιμήκετος said...

Congrats, I can't believe it's been 3 years already. It was also great to see Greg for a brief moment after chapel today.

tom king said...

Sounds great...what a marriage...the honeymoon lasts more than a week? Hope you got the "Hello" from our visitor up here at our building dedication. Maybe you got more info than you wanted...he stayed on Sunday for my sermon. I'm sure he could find something he didn't like in 20 minutes of talking...don't tell Nielsen. God bless. tom