Tuesday, September 27, 2005

more than a legend

In our Lifelight Bible studies on Tuesday nights we are studying the miracles of Jesus. Tonight was our second night. It was a great time to study more about what Jesus has done for us. (Let me also inform you that Greg and I are by far the youngest people in Lifelight Bible studies, probably by ten years and most people are probably in their 70's.) In our small group time we had a great discussion. We were talking about how science cannot disprove the miracles in the Bible. We went on to talking about how the greatest miracle (according to St. Augustine) is seen in the conversion of humans. We had a great discussion about this about how we are dead to ourselves but by faith in Christ and because of His grace we are made alive in Him. We talked about how sharing that with others is great but it is the Holy Spirit who empowers someone to believe. We then talked about evangelism in a sense. Ruth had a great insight she said, "If you have a good cake receipe you share it with everyone you know, then why wouldn't you share Jesus (who's better than any cake) with everyone you know also?" Well put...I've never thought of that analogy before but it really makes sense.

During our lecture time that Greg led he was talking a little bit about different schools of thought and how we can respond to people who are thinking in wrong terms. He was talking about a legend, and that the Gospels were written to close to the time of the resurrection for all those people to make up this story and make Jesus just a legend. We talked about how people -disciples- were willing to die for Jesus, people wouldn't die for a lie...people wouldn't die for just a legend. That got me to thinking, would people die for Santa Claus because they really believed in him that much? I doubt it. But people were willing to die for Christ...he's more than a legend. In regards to His miracles, Jesus' enemies did not question that He did miracles, they just wanted Him to stop. You see, there is no scientific proof for the miracles that Jesus performed because they are supernatural, but there are so many other evidences of proof for Jesus and His miracles. What an awesome God we have to worship.

One scripture passage that we looked at tonight that really sunk in and was something I needed to hear was from Exodus 14:14, it says, "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." He will fight for you, He loves you so much, you can never be taken from His hand. So why are we so scared to stand up for what we believe in and so scared to tell others of His deep, unconditional love for them. Why is that so hard? We're human I know. I will pray that God would give us a boldness to speak His truth and to live truly for Him alone. This can only be done with a relationship with Him and the first part of that is building that relationship, reading the Word is the best place to start. He will fight for us, we can do the same.

I'll leave you with a story a lady told tonight. She teaches kindgergarten at the other Lutheran School in town and she was taking her class to the kiva (choir room) and there is this pretty life-like picture of Jesus walking on the water. A little girl was studying the picture intently and the teacher was just waiting for what she was going to say...but did not expect to hear what she did. The little girl said, "Teacher, who took the picture?" Wow! To have the faith of a child. God go with you!

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Susan said...

Great post, Jamie, it was something I really needed to hear! You always inspire me to be a better person! We most definately have to get together when you are here. Give me a call anytime. If you are not busy on Sunday, we are having Molly's 3rd birthday party which you are more than welcome to come to! (it's a princess party...so bring your princess dress if you can make it). Let me know...can't wait to see you!