Saturday, September 03, 2005

are you ready for some football?

Friday, September 2nd was the Owls first home game. Greg and I went with his supervising Pastor and his wife. We had a great time. Okay so I was a little uncomfortable, bleacher butt is no fun. My back was killing me also from my morning swim and workin all afternoon. But it was good to go to a game and get out of the house and be social. The Owls did not win...but they played a great second half. It was interesting going to a highschool football's been a long time since I've done that. I didn't even go to many games when I was in highschool. I'd rather watch paint dry. I'm totally kidding. It was cool. The funniest part was watching the cheerleaders and just observing the behaviors of highschoolers. Man, the cheerleaders were good but they need a few more cheers and less spelling lessons. I know how to spell my "home town" really well now. And f-i-r-e-, fire, fire, fire, fire, u-p. UGH! It got really annoying. I was impressed however that most of the girls could do back handsprings. There were 25 cheerleaders. Is that normal? It seems really large. I know I went to a "small" private highschool so maybe I am a little sheltered in terms of highschool sporting events but it just seemed like a lot! Oh well, what do I know! Well, we had a good time at the game. Then we went back to our Pastors house and played cards had a few drinks and learned how to play Texas hold 'em. It was a blast. I had such a great time. We also got to hang out with the pastors son and his maybe we made some new friends! We'll see. It was a great night. Have a great Labor Day weekend. I'll be working! Ha...Labor Day...right!

Before the game the guys played "Red Rover"...okay so they really didn't but it would have been interesting! Posted by Picasa


kristin :) said...

i forgot about what i was going to say. oh well, lol. ugh now that bothers me. erg. ok well i'll comment again!

kristin : ) said...

oh yeah i remember now:

Chad J said...

Are these the Seymour High Owls?

Only I could care about something as trivial as that.

Jamie said...

yes they are! Do you know them?

Chad J said...

Nope, just like to know. :)