Wednesday, August 31, 2005


So I got up again this morning and went swimming. This has got to be some kind of record. It felt really good, although my shoulders do hurt a little. Greg says, he's proud of me...he's never seen me "compete" like this before. Man is he missing out. I used to kick the guys butts in highschool. =Side note- Oh and Melinda, thanks for the comment...I actually said that to myself a couple of times today. I was thinking about coach and running outside and drop sets and then I decided I need to free myself from the memories...but that all did make me stronger...but see he brainwashed us...all of us. -End side note=

I've noticed some weird things about our little town. Let me just give them to you, some are good weird and some are bad weird...I'll let you make that call.
* We get our mail by 10am every mail day.
* They recycle everything (good weird)
* I'd say about 50% of the people here drive mopeds...with no helmets
* There is no mall (too small of a town)
* There is just about every fast food resturant you could ever want on one street, but no bagel shops
*People run red lights if no one is coming...isn't that against the law
* A train goes through our back yard area about 3 times a day
* I had a little encounter with the mail man at the post office yesterday. I think he hit on me... here's the conversation:
"Credit or debit" he asked. "Debit", I replied. "Do you want cash back?" he asked. "No thank you," I stated. "Oh, I thought we were going out to dinner," he commented. *jaw drops to the floor, stunned look*...I don't know what I looked like but I didn't have a come back...I just stood there, then said "Thanks" and grabbed my receipt. I have to go back today to mail something to my godson...I hope that guy isn't working!

I've noticed some other things but can't remember them at this moment. If I think of any good ones I'll let you know. Have a great day. Oh, I start work today. Should be fun. I'll be working at Applebee's for the year. Nothing like going from a "salary with benefits" job to a "have to count on good tips" job. Oh well, it will be a good time! YOU ARE LOVED!


Melinda said...

Was the mail guy cute?

J/K! :) Sounds like he's really friendly! And I like the sound of your new town, though the red light thing would seriously scare me.

Jamie said...

the mail guy was older, had lots of gray hair...mucho facial hair and was a tad on the large side. he's was friendly but that doesn't make me want to have a rendevous. hey, we live sorta close we should hang out some time! thanks for visiting my little world on the web and letting me know you're here!

Melinda said...

Definitely! I actually wrote you a long email yesterday but my computer ate it when I tried to attach pics. I'll try again later today!