Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My parents came for the weekend. We had lots of fun, the guys went golfing on Saturday while the women went shopping. We ate out a couple of times and made some famous Mueller brats. We played cards and Mexican train. Dad, mom and I did some sightseeing while Greg was at work on Friday. This is a sight we saw lots of! It was great to have them here, to see our new place of residence for a year. They enjoyed a tour of the corn fields, schools and churches in the area as well. It was a great distration from being bored and alone in my house! Thanks for coming mom and dad we had a great time!

Sunday night one of my girls (Jeanette) came to visit. She was on her way back to St. Louis after being in Indianapolis all summer working as an intern at Handy Camp! Jeanette it was so great to have you stay with us. Come visit again! Posted by Picasa

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kristin :) said...

i shall send you a letter!