Thursday, August 04, 2005

vicar mansion

Here are some pictures of the outside of our house. Inside ones will come later...when things are put away. Also something I forgot to mention...the youth left us little sticky notes all over the house and I took pictures of some of my favorites...they say (in order) "you really churn me on", "you're grate!", "these two might be twins and then again maybe they're not", and the other one says, "this door is as old and heavy as all the vicars combined, okay maybe not but still old and heavy"...there are numerous other notes all over the house and we seem to find new ones everyday. In the back of my wardrobe it said, "Narnia straight ahead." So anyway, here's a glimpse of how we're now you can see why you need to come visit. I'll be taking reservations! Have a great night...we're gonna relax and watch a movie!

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rsjones said...


glad the move went well....that house is amazing! May God bless your year in Seymour! We love you!