Thursday, August 11, 2005

one week down

So we've been in Seymour for a week. It still feels like a vacation to me. A strange vacation though since I'm home by myself most of the time. But today I'm going out. Dana is picking me up and we're driving north a little and going to some outlet malls with mom Truwe and Emily and Michael. Should be fun. Too bad I don't have much money to spend! My parents are on their way down here also so that will be a nice distraction this weekend. Also just wanted to wish my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Tina a Happy Anniversary! Way to go 4 years! So awesome! Congrats! Well, take care and if you care to visit just let me know!


Hot Rod said...

Just wanted to say welcome to the area. My wie (from New York) snd I live over in Bedford, about 30 minutes away just south of Bloominigton.

We spend time over in Seymour often shopping at the outlets and on our way to the larger outlets in Columbus. Notice the theme of shopping. :)

Beer and Pretzels said...

Hey Truwe's!!! I wanted to say Hi! since I was just realizing that you won't be in St. Louis when we go down for a visit later this week. We're gonna miss you!!