Monday, July 18, 2005

whirlwind weekend

So Greg and I left on Thursday to go to Louisville, KY to stay with his sister and family! The trip went great. Friday we drove to Seymour, IN (about an hour north) to see our new home - I mean mansion - and the church where Greg will do his vicarage. We had lunch with two of the pastors and the vicar. The house is amazing and so is the church... it's going to be REALLY hard to leave Peace and my family and "kids" here but it's all part of God's plan. We then drove to Camp Lakeview to take family photos of Jim and Brandy...that went okay. Then drove back to Louisville for dinner with the fam. Saturday, Greg and I drove to Columbus, IN about a half hour north of Seymour, so that I could fill out an application for the Family Christian Store there. It's a nice store...kinda small...not a ton of stuff but they do have lots of space. Then we drove back to the camp to get ready for the wedding. I was photographing the went really well and we all had a good time. A bunch of us from the Seminary stayed in a cabin that night and boy was Will hilarious. I'll have to tell you's not really blog material. Sunday, we got up and went to church at Immanuel and then had lunch and then I caught a ride back to St. Louis with the Hiner's. Greg is staying in Indiana for the week to visit with family and to attend the Great Banquet at his father's church from Thursday through Sunday. Now I'm back at work for a couple more days and then packing central is happening at our house! So keep us posted on your lives and check out my photo site later this week to see pictures from the wedding. God bless you!

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