Thursday, June 30, 2005

weird dream

I had a really weird dream this morning. It was so weird I don't know how to explain it but I will try!

My sister picked me up from grade school, (I wasn’t in grade school but it was just Grace's building) and we saw some people that we went to grade school with. The car we were in was totally huge and not like a normal car. We almost ran over this kid Nick who was a year behind me in grade school. Then we went "home" and we were on top of some hill laying the grass and Tracey wanted to take a nap. So she lay down but I told her I wanted to go home. She was like it's right there...and then all of a sudden there was a house off in the distance. I was like is that mom's house? And she said yes. So I went inside (it looked like an old farm house from the outside) and I saw that my mom was doing some remodeling in this home. The first rooms I saw looked really good. Then I saw the living room and it had this deer wallpaper (my grandparents used to have that in one of their houses). My mom was saying that she wanted me to paint a mural over the wallpaper. She had started to paint this room and it was like an emerald green but it was only partially done and looked really bad. So she told me to go look in her bedroom to see what the green really looked like. So I did and it didn't look that bad. It was almost an emerald green with blue bedding and stuff and it looked okay (at least it did in my dream). So then when I came back into the living room she told me that she had gotten a little carried away with remodeling. Oh and this house was supposedly my grandparents at one time (maybe that explains the deer wallpaper). So then my mom takes me into this other part of the house and it was like a museum, tons of antiques and stuff...but they were really cool. The house just seemed to expand and was almost like a real museum. Everything was on one level but there were tons of rooms full of stuff to look at. There were old metal lunch boxes in perfect condition and all sorts of other stuff. Everything had that plexi glass at the bottom of the doorway so you could just see in the room but you couldn't go in. So then in one room, it looked sort of like an old school kitchen there was all this Mickey Mouse memorabilia. It was so cool, it had all these moving parts and stuff, old Mickey phones and stuff and it was just awesome. I told my mom that i wanted some of it, but she said I couldn't have it. Then we walked to another part of the house and there was this guy sitting on a chair smoking a pipe and watching TV. Somehow in my dream I had in my head that it was Billy Grahm sitting there watching TV. So then I walked over to see who it was and it was....

I don't have clue cuz then I woke up.

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