Tuesday, June 14, 2005

quick update

Just wanted to give the people that read this a quick update. Below you will see some pictures from my whirlwind weekend. It was incredible. I photographed a wedding for a friend of my sisters and the pictures turned out great...you can see them on my photo site later this week (jtphoto.org). I had a great time hanging out with friends Thursday and Friday, the wedding was Saturday. Then on Sunday morning I got up at 4am to leave to drive to Indianapolis for Andrew's baptism. I made it there in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Then took a quick nap. The baptism was awesome. Greg got to preach the sermon at the baptism. The rest of the day we spent time with family and tried to not get hit by any tornadoes. Monday, I spent more time with Holly and Gene and Andrew (and Gene's sisters). Then I drove to Seymour, got a tour of the "Vicar Mansion" and the church and school. Then I had a job interview with Klaes Imaging. He is looking for a Senior Portrait Photographer. He didn't think it would work out since I'll only be around a year but in talking with me thought again about it....he now thinks it might work for me to work on an as needed basis. Which would be cool with me. I would do weddings and other portraits as well. I made it home by 9:15pm on Monday night...again getting hit by rain and seeing lots of lightning. It was a great weekend. Now I am hard at work. I am working on the curiculum for our Vacation Bible School...which just happens to be next week. So I'll be busy...in case you were wondering what I was doing! Take care and God bless!

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