Wednesday, June 01, 2005

back from cali

So Greg and I spent this past weekend in California. I didn't really mention our trip on this blog because I didn't know if my brother would read it or not...he usually doesn't but I didn't want to ruin the surprise. We flew out there to LA on Friday night...and then drove to San Diego and stayed with my aunt and uncle. Then we surprised Eric on Saturday...which was his golden birthday...28 on the 28th! He was surprised. We had a great time in San Diego. We did a lot of relaxing and eating out. On Sunday, Greg was able to preach and one of his friends who lives in the area was able to come also. It was awesome. Then we sat in the sun and swam in the pool and I got fried! Totally burned! AHHH! It is still painful. Sunday night we went out to dinner a place where their specialty is fish tacos...if you know me you know that is not what I was going to have. I had an awesome chicken sandwich. Then we walked on the pier. Monday Aunt Gerri and I did a little shopping then Uncle John and Aunt Gerri drove Greg and I around to see some more of San Diego. They showed us where the fires hit last year and stuff. Monday night we went to the Brewers, Padres game. It was an okay game...BrewCrew lost. Bummer! But it was neat to see Petco Park. Check one more off the list. Tuesday, Eric, Greg and I went out for breakfast and then Greg and I drove back to's about a 2 hour drive. It was better on Tuesday cuz we could see what we were driving past. It was an awesome vacation. And now it's back to reality. But sunburned reality!

Please continue to keep Greg's cousin Lauren in your prayers. I guess she's not doing very well. I don't really know what is going on but God does and He will hear your prayer! Thanks!

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