Wednesday, May 25, 2005

where did that come from?

So for the past three nights I have had some more crazy dreams. I don't remember every single detail...but they were weird. First night I was being chased...all over town, I tried to hide in houses, I tried to get away...some other people were being chased with me. Then we went into this school building. We got locked in this crazy old basement type area (think basement in the Goonies). I found a myseterious staircase and up we went. It was then an old part of the school and the people found us. So then we were all in one room and the guy threw a butcher knife at me...but it just slid on the ground and then they seemed to say...ha ha fooled you. Like they weren't really chasing us. It was weird.

Then two nights ago I had another weird dream. It involved highschool a little. And one of my old boyfriends brothers (James Chang) was trying to give me his brothers email address. So he wrote it down I looked at it (it was something crazy like and then he tore it up. I don't remember the rest but I know that Greg was there.

Last night I dreamed that there was a tornado. I was upstairs in my room (have no idea what or who's house it was) cross stiching and then I heard the noise, like a train and I saw it coming. So I put my stuff away and then walked into the kitchen and there was Tracey (my sister). So I sat on the sink for a minute and told her what I heard and then we decided to go downstairs. For some reason there were people downstairs sleeping. I cannot recall who they were but that's okay. So then after the tornado hit I remember going outside and looking around to see what happened. Stuff was everywhere. I remember seeing my neighbors (the people that live next door to my parents) and they were outside cleaning up. But it was weird because it was the most random stuff laying on the ground, big crystal bowls and chandeliers and stuff like that. Oh and the window in my bedroom was blown in but everything we perfectly in it's spot. Weird, I know!

In totally unrelated news I would like to wish Sarah and Todd and Sarah and Kurt a Happy Anniversary. Two years ago today both of them got married! Congratulations!

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