Monday, May 09, 2005

tour de sem

Saturday morning took about twenty men and one woman on a 90 mile bike ride from one Seminary to the old location of the original Seminary. Among the men riding was our friend Eric. So Greg and I drove down with Jen to Altenburg, MO to see the end of the "tour" and to get a tour of the original Seminary and one of the first churches in Missouri Synod History. I have been on this tour before, but I had never been inside the old Seminary building. It was just a one room log house. And there was an upstairs where the four students and their professor would sleep. Eventually there were 17 students in this one room before they moved to a different location and building. It was neat to see the historical places that started our's always good to know where you came from! And yes, Eric did make it all 90 miles and he did it on a dirt bike which I hear is not easy! Enjoy some pictures from our trip!
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