Monday, May 16, 2005

a little culture

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Last night instead of having our regular JOY DUDE small groups we went on a little field trip. Five young ladies, Angie, Greg and myself went to the St. Louis Youth Symphony Orchestra. It was incredible. Most of us have only been to Powell Hall once if not at all. Many of us had not been to the Symphony in ages. It was amazing! So with a little lesson in Symphony etiqute we were set to experience something new together. To hear the strings softly begin and then get louder and stronger all at once as if there was only one person playing was magnificent. The horn section was amazing too. They played with much gusto...and there were not a lot of them playing. The sixteen year old pianist was very incredibly skilled and blew us all away. She was awesome. It was a night of culture, music, fun and friendship. It is a night that I will not forget. Thank you to my five ladies who joined me, I am so excited to have you in this memory. And Dan, you did incredible. Continue to use your gift to bring Glory to GOD! Image Hosted by

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