Thursday, April 21, 2005

whats new in your world?

So, what's going on? I feel so out of touch with reality. And I'm not exactly sure why. It's been a busy couple of weeks...and I don't think it will get any better till April is over. But I cannot believe that it is already April. Where has the time gone. I don't mind being busy, I just wish that I could sleep better at night so that I wasn't so tired while I am busy. Rather than bore you with all the little details of things I have to do...I will just say that some exciting things are coming up. I'm really excited about this weekend though. It's the Jr. Youth Retreat...I know that we'll have a good time. All 17 of us! The Dinner Theatre went really well and we raised about $3,800 with just the auction and then money on top of that from the dinner. So it was successful.

Greg and I are looking forward to next Wednesday. That is when we find out where we are going to be going on Vicarage. I am looking forward to that day. It will be nice to finally know where we will be spending the next year of our lives. But we'll be in St. Louis till at least the first week of August so if you want to visit we'll still be here...and we've got room. It was nice to have Sara and Kandyce visit a couple of weeks ago. We had a good time! Thanks for coming ladies! And I am looking forward to seeing pregnant Kristin and Cory next week too! Julie and Chad you better come in May! So yeah, that's what's going on in my world...sort of. Have a great day and know that you are loved!


Beer and Pretzels said...

Thanks for hosting us!! We did have a good time! I don't think we'll be down again before you leave, but if we are, we'll get in touch. We'll be praying for you as you venture out on vicarage!

Matt said...

Just got my official acceptance letter... Now to pass that OT test. I'll be down mid June (as PB said in Orlando in a few years there will be PB-Pastor Braun and PB-Pastor Butter).