Wednesday, April 27, 2005

this is the day...

that the Lord has made. Let us Rejoice and be glad in it! Greg kept saying that before we fell asleep last night and this morning when we woke up. It indeed is the day we find out where we are going to spend the next year of our lives. We are excited. But the morning did not come without a few crisis' and strange occurances. First off we'll start with my totally strange dream that I had at about 9am this morning. Here it is:

My mom and dad were about to arrive for call day and we were totally excited. They were driving a little red four door car and my mom was sitting in the back seat, there was a ski rack on top but it seemed to be falling off. The next thing I noticed was that there was like 6 inches of snow on the ground and it was snowing. I started yelling, "It's not supposed to snow on call day!" I was not happy. Next thing I know Greg and I are in the car headed to some sort of a sale thing where I was going to be selling my pictures and my photography services. Angie and Tami arranged the whole thing. I was not happy because they did not ask me if I wanted to be a part of it they just made me do it. So some people booked some photography services, which made me upset because I just kept telling them that I didn't have time to take pictures of all these people. Tami and Angie were selling Stampin' Up stuff and scrapbook stuff. After the sale thing Tami left and Greg and I and Angie and Mark were left there to clean everything up. So I approached Angie and told her that I was not happy that they did not ask me to be part of this but rather made me do it. Angie then tried to blame is solely on Tami and say it was all her idea. So Greg and I left and were headed back to our car. In the back of this parking lot there was a church. As we approached the church (because our car was parked back there) a bride came out and threw her bouquet. This would have been fine but there was no one there to catch it. So she threw it and then ran to her car where her husband was waiting. So I said to Greg, should I go pick it up. Greg said, no the rooster will get it. Then some guy came running out of church and picked it up. So we got in the car and were driving through the parking lot when Greg went to a place where it was a car, then an open parking space and then a brick wall and he was going to try to go through where the open parking space was. Then this kid with this huge fluffy white dog came and walked in front of the car and we tried to get him to go off to the side. So we made it through that. Then Greg said, did you see the church's DCE? I said no. He said he knew they must have one because there was a sign for a Valentine's party. So we kept driving out of this parking lot and when we came to the four lane street we stopped to wait to turn left. A little car must have been in the parking lot next to us because it quickly turned left and almost got hit. Then a semi...without the trailer part...turned left but then in a "Matrix" sort of way ended up coming backwards towards us. And I was yelling to Greg "back up! back up! back up!". Then Greg started yelling too. But I could not tell if he was yelling because he wanted me to stop yelling or because he was scared. Thenin real life Greg said, Jamie it's almost 9 you better get to work.

So that's my crazy dream. Then the outfit I was going to wear...or should I say the skirt I was going to wear got a busted zipper. So now I am wearing pink. What is wrong with me. I do not want to give this church that we're going to be serving at the impression that I am a pink wearing kind of girl. So that's why I wanted to wear my cool black skirt. Anyway, now I'm at work and we just celebrated Administrative Professionals Day. Thanks for all you do Tammy! You rock! And my parents will be here soon and my aunt and uncle and we're all going out for lunch...oh and Greg's parents too because they came last night. So there's my story. My next post will be telling you where we will be spending our next year. Take care and God bless.

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