Tuesday, April 26, 2005

moving out and moving in

So I thought it was time for a little update on the "Lucky" (skunk) situation. Shortly after my last post about being Skunk'd, Fred and Rich decided that since the traps were not working they would try another method. So they decided to put some amonia rags in Lucky's home. So the first time they did that Lucky just decided to build a nest somewhere else but close to his original home. So they tried again and I think that was the end of Lucky. I don't think he died...we haven't found any skunk carcasses...but we think he moved on to bigger and better places of residence. Hopefully not just next door.

So last night Greg and I are sitting watching TV around midnight and the light goes on (we have a sensor light that shines on our back porch...that's how we found out about Lucky in the first place). Greg said, it's probably just that fat cat. Yes, for some reason a fat grey cat has been coming around a lot as well and then walking off to the ends of the big back yard. So Greg went to check it out. No cat. But something else was there. A medium sized, ugly as ever...opposum. Why do these ROUS's (rodents of unusual size) decide that our porch is the best place to live? Why can't they just leave us alone. It's not like I'm mother nature and just radiate a scent that draws them to our house...or do I? Anyway, Rich said he would try to get rid of it. But I'm begining to think that once the opposum is gone something bigger and uglier is going to move it. And at least the posum doesn't smell. So there's our deliema. Have a good day.

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