Thursday, April 28, 2005

drum roll please...

Greg..Indiana District...Immanuel Lutheran Church...Indiana.

Yes, it is official. We will be moving to small town, Indiana the first week of August. We are truly excited about the opportunities that await us. We met with the three pastors of Immanuel, yesterday and they are all great men. They are funny and a great team and they just seem very friendly and I think we'll fit right in. Worsip is traditional ...which is okay with us. They have a large congregation...worship about 1,200 members. There is a school with about 400 kids and a preschool with 200 kids...and a full time Youth Minister, Music Minister, Lots of Secretaries, and all sorts of other people on staff. We had asked to be in a church with a dynamic team ministry and I think that is exactly what we got. People kept telling us how great the supervisor is and that it is a great church to learn at. So we are excited.

The other exciting news is that we will be living in a 100 year old Victorian House. It is said that it is very large and we might get lost in there. It has three stories and a basement and 5 bedrooms. So it looks like we will have room for visitors in Indiana. So start planning your trips. Just don't all come at one time. You can check out the church's website. There is a link in the side bar! We're excited! God has some good things in store for us and it's all becoming more real now! Take care and God bless you all!

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Matt Lorfeld said...

I've heard lots of good things about Immanuel. My Pastor actually showed me some stuff on their website that he wanted to incorporate into our Church's website... which I'm still working on.
God's Blessings