Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So it worked...I planned another surprise party for Greg's birthday. That's five surprises in six years. I have to stop doing this. The thing is I LOVE to surprise people for their birthdays and just at other times. Who knows, maybe I'm planning a surprise for you right now. Anyway, let me tell you what happened. I wasn't planning on giving Greg a surprise party but it just worked out that way.

I was listening to the radio...Joy FM...and heard that they were having a birthday celebration for their fourth birthday. They were going to have this party on Thursday, Feb. 24th. And Bebo Norman was going to come and have a concert. The best part...tickets were only $4. So I started thinking...hmmm.. that's one day before Greg's birthday and he LOVES Bebo Norman. I bet I could get a bunch of his friends to go since it's only $4 and it's his birthday...so that is what I did. I started making the phone calls and it all came together. The only thing was...is everyone going to be able to keep this a secret for 2-3 weeks. Well they did and I am so proud of them and happy that they kept it a secret.

Feb 24th rolls around and we are going out to dinner with Tom and Tami...we went to Qdoba...it was yummy, funny thing was we saw some guys from the seminary there and they were Greg's friends...he didn't know it but he'd also be seeing them later. So after dinner Tom started telling Greg about this book he had to go pick up at this church's bookstore. Tom asked if it would be okay to go get the book before we went to the "movie". We were like sure. So we get to this church (First Evangelical Free Church in Manchester) and Greg was like...didn't we come here for that Mark Schutz concert. Tami and I are trying not to laugh and give it away and we're like yes we did. We pull into the parking lot and Greg's like "there's a lot of cars here there must be a concert going on. I don't think the bookstore is going to be open." Tom quickly finds a parking place and we all get out. Greg's thinking why do we all need to get out...we're gonna be late for the movie. So we go inside and pretend we're looking for the bookstore. Then Greg jokingly says..."What concert are we going to?" I said...Bebo Norman Happy Birthday. He couldn't believe it...he thought we were lying. What he didn't know was there was another surprise. So we went and got our tickets and then went to find a place to sit down and low and behold there are some of his friends sitting there...what could they be doing here? So anyway, to make a long story short...or medium sized...we saw his friends...he was surprised...we enjoyed a great but short Bebo concert and then had cake at our house afterwards...it was a great day. And priceless when he really had no clue what was going on. It went off wonderfully. So I am the master of surprise parties...you never know when you may be the receipient of one! Have a great day!

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