Saturday, March 19, 2005


Ashton Kutcher is the host of a popular TV show called Punk'd. Greg and I enjoy watching this show...if you've never seen it here's the premise. He organizes these situations that aren't so good and they happen to celebrities, cars getting stolen, bikes getting run over, people yelling all that sort of stuff and at the end Ashton comes out and says "You've been Punk'd" Well I don't think Ashton is the host of the stuff that is going on at our house and if he is I'd like him to come out now and make it all go away. Except he'd say, "You've been Skunk'd".

Yup that's right we've been skunk'd. For a while now actually. If you were to walk into our house you'd think that we never bathe or clean our house. But honestly it's not us! We first smelt it the Tuesday before the Superbowl...yup in January! Then about 3 weeks ago we actually saw the skunk and where he was going. Where did he go you might ask? Well, it seems our little friend is living under our porch. We've set a trap many times and it has gone off but caught nothing. We came home last night from a movie and looked outside and sure enough our little friend was roaming around in our yard, on our porch all that good stuff. Then at 4:15 this morning I was pleasently woke up by the smell of our little friend. Something must have made him mad. So we looked out our bedroom window and sure enough little skunk was just wandering around our backyard. UGH! We seem to attract little animals of all sorts. Remember in our first house we had squirels in the soffits...we'll I'd rather have squirels. We hope to get the skunk out from under our porch soon. I'll keep you updated if anything else happens. And if Ashton is reading this and thinks it's a funny little game...we get it...We've been Skunk'd!

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