Wednesday, March 16, 2005


So let me set this story up. I went to the Seminary to watch Greg's softball gamelast night. There are two softball fields back to back, on the right of the far field is the chapel and on the far left (closer to the other field) is "The Woods" or married housing. So, that's where a lot of seminarians live who have families. So we were on the field on the right, playing softball.

So one guy, can't remember his name...I think it was Al...he was pitching...doing a good job...his second oldest son comes over on his bike and waits for that part of the inning to be over. So then his dad comes over and talks to him and I was standing there too. The game continued on. There was a wild throw from the outfield and it was coming our way. Some how the ball hit this kid on the knee and then kept going. So we asked him if he was okay. He said he was fine. Two minutes later he's like dad, I'm gonna go ride this off...he pulled up his pant leg and there was this huge black and blue circle right under his knee cap! OUCH! Yeah, I bet he was fine! So his dad told him to go home and put some ice on it. Then when his son left Al said, "I'm pitching and probably won't get injured my son comes for ten minutes and is wounded." So the game continues on. Greg's team was doing okay. Al and Ray switched off innings to pitch. Later in the game when Al was pitching again this other boy on a bike comes from "The Woods" soon as he gets in range of his dad being able to hear him he yells, "Hey Dad, can I have a muffin?" Al is pitching but yells back, "Yeah." So this little boy turns his bike around as fast as ever, peddles away like a bat out of he!! and exclaims "woo hoo!" He was so excited about this muffin! It was so funny...if you're not laughing well then I guess it's safe to say, "You just had to be there"

There's my funny story of the day!
By the way, Greg's team lost by four but it was a good game!

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Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

Kristin says, (sigh) "Eeeww," which I ditto. Being skunk'd sounds nasty. Hope you've go a mess load of tomatoes if not for the house for bad sermons...just kidding. We hope all is well in St. Louis and cannot wait to see you in April for "Call Day." Until next time we have a chance, stay smelling clean and keep a good handle on those tomatoes--you may actually need them.