Thursday, February 10, 2005

you're not THAT important

On Monday, I went out to lunch with our Director of Parish Education, Maureen. Throughout lunch we talked about many various topics, ranging from VBS to Easter Egg Hunts and then on to what and who annoyed us most. One thing that we both totally agreed on was when people forget/don't turn their cell phones off before coming to church. Maureen went on to say that NO ONE (except maybe the President or pastors) are that important that they can't turn their cell phones off for an hour...or AT LEAST to vibrate. It happens every Sunday...usually at the most quiet time in the service that we hear the various ring tones. Usually only once per service though. Because when that first one goes off everyone sllyly reaching for their phones to make sure they are turned off. How hard is it? Don't bring it to church. You're not going to pass out if you don't have your phone attached to your hip. At least turn it off. Some people say they forget they have it. Okay so maybe we need cell phone dectectors at every entrance to the sanctury so that we can detect the cell phone and tell people to turn it OFF! It gets on my nerves. It is so distracting and like I said it happens every time. Last night was the perfect example. Pastor was about 2 minutes into his sermon when the ringing started...three times it rang. Come on people at least have the decency to admit that you left your phone on and turn it off after it rings once! Pastor was clearly annoyed and stopped preaching until the ringing stopped and till he made his point. It was so frustrating! AGH! So please, please, please leave your cell phone at home when you go to church...or if you HAVE to take it...TURN IT OFF! You're not that important...but God is!

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Beer and Pretzels said...

I'm lucky that rarely happens at my church, but I feel your pain. I wonder if we're headed to an age where they remind you before the service to make sure your phone is off, like they do at the movies/theatre.