Monday, February 07, 2005

rockin weekend

what an awesome weekend! I left St. Louis on Thursday at 5:00 and drove to my uncles house in Illinois to surprise my brother and his girlfriend who were flying in later that evening. Well, they finally arrived around 3am and we talked for a little while and then went to bed. Not only did I get to surprise Eric and meet Catherine but I also got to meet my new cousin Noah. He's such a cutie, and so well mannered and just likes to hang out! That was awesome. Then on Friday, I went out to lunch with my aunts and uncles, brother and Catherine and my grandma. That was so cool. I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving so it was great to see them all again! Then we drove to WI. I took a short nap once I got home and that evening we went to Grace for dinner. They were having a fish fry frys are huge in WI. I had the hot dog plate cuz I hate fish. We saw lots of people that we haven't seen in a long time and Catherine got introduced to all of them...I wonder if she'll remember their names...I wouldn't be able to if I didn't already know them. Then Julie came over to my parents house with her nephews for a little while. We had a good time. Jared is so say the darndest things. Saturday I went to visit my friends from highschool, Susan and Dan and their two kids Molly and Sadie. Susan is having their third child in May! 3 under can do it Susan! I went home and had lunch with mom and dad, Eric and Catherine...then we played cards at home. That night I went over to Katie and Peter's to hang out with them. We ended up going to Applebee's and Julie joined us...we had such a good time and many good laughs. Our waiter was funny! Mudslides all around! We went back to Katie and Peter's and hung out for a little while longer and right before we left we went sledding in their back yard! Oh what fun! It's good to be crazy and do things that are random and unexpected sometimes! So then on Sunday, I went to Grace to pick up a sub...cuz they were doing another fundraiser. Then I left at 8:31am to come back to St. Louis. I stopped once and was home by 2:11. 5 hours and 40 minutes...I think it's a new record. I only fell asleep once...just kidding...I was driving...there was no sleeping going on. We had the youth over for a Super Bowl Party and that was lots of fun! So yeah, it was a great weekend! Hope ya'll had a good one as well. I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead...lots of little things coming up. Should be fun! Thanks for the fun ride ROCK!

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