Thursday, January 06, 2005

what can i do to help?

what can i do to help? me...just one person! Can I actually make a difference? do these two hands and these feet actually count for something? What is it that I am here for? I live a comfortable life in a house that has plumbing and heat and central air. My lights turn on when I flip the switch and I can wash my clothes in my basement. A basement...for some that is a novelty. I have clothes to wear, a warm coat and hat, my car gets me from point a to point b very comfortably and with heat or air depending on the climate. I have books to read and I can read. I have many cds on my shelf to choose from depending upon my mood at the time. I have many movies at my disposal and if I can't find the right one to suite my taste I can just drive to my local video store and rent one...not for keeps but I still have the money to do just that. I have a computer on which to create designs, write letters and find notes from friends in different states. I have a telephone at my house and a cell phone that travels with me every step of the way. I tithe, save, pay bills and have money left over for a little fun throughout the month. I have a pantry stocked with food and when I decide that I'm not in the mood to cook I can just pick something up or even better yet have someone drive something over to my house...all I have to do is pay them for the food and for driving it over. I have picture books filled with memories from vacations to awesome destinations like Hawaii, China, Alaska, Mexico, although they were not all vacations I still had the money and capability to travel to those places. I have scrapbook supplies and cross-stiching packets and paints to keep me busy when I'm bored or they can just stay where they are put if I just feel like playing my guitar, exercising, or playing video games instead. I sound like I have so much stuff but it's true I have been blessed. God has been so good to me. But why me?

I visited some people today who just barely have a roof over their heads and the furniture and clothes inside were passed down from others in their family. But they did not seem to mind. They were more concerned with the people that they could not have as part of their family because the state would not allow it. The state would take away their funding if they decided that they really wanted to take care of these mentally and physically handicapped people. The state would require, larger doors in their houses even though their wheel chairs can fit through the ones already there. The state would require pull cords in all the rooms of the house even when they only use three rooms. The state would require many different things of this family who already does not have the money to just make it to the next pay day for themselves. The state would rather put these handicapped people in an institution where they can look out a window for the rest of their lives and only be "bothered" when it's time to eat or go to bed. The state does not want these people cared for in a loving home atmosphere with loving people taking care of them. If they did care they wouldn't make it so difficult or expensive. There are people out there who are ready and willing to take care of those less fortunate and those people might even be considered less fortunate by someone living the way I do. It is hard to not know where you are going to get you next meal...I would imagine...but I don't really know I've never had to live like that. Think about it.

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