Monday, December 13, 2004

concert and prayer

So last night Greg and I went to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert with Tom and Tami. We had a great time. The concert was really good. Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns were also there. I love to hear live music! And music in general so it was really good to experience! I cannot wait to go to more concerts! There's one at the end of January that I am going to so I guess I have to wait till then.

I am enhancing my brain by reading some good ol Lutheran Theology from Martin Luther today. We had a discussion in Bible class yesterday about unbelievers and prayer so I am reading up on the subject so that I can answer the questions that my youth have...and I myself have...otherwise I could have answered them yesterday. I just wanted to share something that he wrote...sorry if it gets's good stuff.

Martin Luther says:
Prayer Is Not Optional You are to look closely at the command and stress it that you do not consider prayer an optional work and act as if it were no sin for you not to pray. You should know that praying is earnestly enjoined, with the threat of God's supreme displeasure and punishment if it is neglected. It is enjoined just as well as the command that you should have no other gods and should not blaspheme and abuse God's name but should confess and preach, laud and praise it. He who does not do this should know that he is no Christian and does not belong in the kingdom of God. If, then, you believe that God is justly angry with the idolatrous, the blasphemers, and the despisers of His Word, with murderers and thieves, and the terrible punishments come upon the world because of such sins, why do you not fear God's wrath when you despise this command and live on in security as if yuo were not obliged to pray?
You can, firstly, herewith refute and beat down the temptaino of the devil when he pretends that you are not fit or worthy to pray. A subterfuge such as this means nothing: I am also unfit to believe God's Word and to hear it, to love my neighbor, etc. For this reason the command of God is to mean nothing? The question is not whether you are worthy or unworthy, but whether you owe God obedience. I am not worthy either to be baptized and to be called a Christian; nay, I am not worthy of the daily bread which I eat. Should I, therefore deny my Christ or never let myself be baptized or neither eat nor drink?

So there you have it. There's more where that came from but I'll continue to read and let you know if there's other good stuff and I'm sure there will be. Let's go to our God in prayer in any and all circumstances. For he commands it.

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