Wednesday, December 29, 2004

christmas and pittsburgh

well hello everyone! How are things going? I sure hope that everyone had a great Christmas. It's been a while since I've posted. It's been busy...I've had a little withdrawl but I am doing okay! Things have been busy in our household and right now is when there is nothing going on there and I mean NOTHING! But Fred and Rich have a good eye on the place. We are enjoying our time in Pittsburgh. We got here on Tuesday night and we'll leave Sat. morning. The drive went really well....we saw quite a few cars in the ditches along the way but it was smooth sailing for us. Today we went to Amish Country and an Outlet Mall...lots of walking around. We went to a covered bridge and took some cool pictures and also got some video of some Amish children playing outside of a school...I love my new video camera. We are having a great time hanging out with Kristin and Cory. For those of you who don't know them...I went to Highschool and 3years of college with Kristin and 3years of college with Cory and a year at the Seminary. They are now in Pittsburgh on their vicarage. Kristin and her family are the ones I went to Hawaii with. So anyway, another awesome thing about this trip is that I am going to see Mandi on Friday. Mandi is my pen pal from when I was ten. We met by chance in Williamsburg at some court house thing...took a picture with each other and exchanged addresses. We were young and didn't really know how to write letters very well but soon after that we started to write and got to know each other well in letters and in recent years through email and pictures. I haven't seen her since I was ten but we're gonna meet for coffee on Friday. I am also going to be able to meet Matt her fiance and she will meet Greg. I am so excited! So that is what is coming up!

Christmas was great. Greg's family came on Christmas day earlier than expected...which was awesome. We all got to go to church together on Christmas Day and then open presents before going to the Mueller's house. Opening presents on Christmas Day was a new thing for the GReg's family they've never done that before so that was cool. We spent the next few days together and have lots of good memories and stories. It was great. I also got some great video of Emily and Michael going crazy over seeing all the christmas presents. The age of innocence. Greg got really sick on Christmas night and was sick all the next day. He was running a 102 temp and so we didn't go to the farm on Monday with the rest of the family to butcher which was a total bummer but Greg needed the time to get better and rest. I hear the butchering went great and now we have a freezer full of pork products. I hear that my mom and dad were having a great time in Cali, got to see Eric, my moms sister and brother-in-law and got to meet Eric's girlfriend....awww! How cute.

So that is the last few days in a nutshell. It's been great but through it all it is so important to remember the real reason for the season! JESUS! I pray that you have been blessed by Jesus in a new and exciting way. You are in my prayers and you are loved! Take care and be blessed!

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