Thursday, December 09, 2004

birthday celebration!

So it's been a while...I just have to say...I've been busy. I had a great birthday. It was a weekend of fun. Julie and Cami took me out to get a pedicure and then we went out to lunch and shopping...this was on Friday, the day before my birthday. Then that night my best friend Julie came into town...which was awesome. So Saturday Julie and I went to Michael's...I love that store! We got some stuff...then we were going to go home before we went to a movie but traffic was so horrible so we decided to just have Greg meet us there...we got to the theatre and it was SO crowded. Found out that they were doing this food drive thing, if you brought three canned goods you could get into an afternoon movie we scrapped that idea and went to the cheap theatre. We were going to see...The Polar Express...instead we went to see Elf. It was hilarious. Kristen and Angie were telling me the night before how funny it was and I was telling them that I thought it looked stupid...boy did I have to eat my words the next night. It was so funny. Greg almost had to get up and leave cuz he was laughing so hard.

So after the movie Greg and Julie had decided where they were going to take me for my birthday meal. We went to Chuck E Cheese's. It was a good time. The pizza was okay and the games were a lot of fun! We saw some families from church there with their kids and they were like you came here on your own free will? They could not believe that we would want to go to Chuck E Cheese's. We had a good time and gave all our tickets to those families. What kind of junk do we really need from Chuck E Chesse anyway? It's just fun to play the games and stuff. So after that we went back home and some friends came over. We played Scene It! Which Greg gave me for my birthday...along with some other things. There were 12 people in our living room. It was so much fun! We had people there from the seminary...friends from college and even some friends that I went to highschool with. It was cool to be able to mix all the friends together. Thanks everyone for coming and for helping me celebrate my birthday it was a very memorable one! Thanks Greg for the yummy cake too!

Sunday, we went to see the Boar's Head and then I had to help supervise in the youth room. I was out of commission but still at work on Monday and Tuesday...I had this terrible headache! Agh! What a pain! Oh well, I survived!

Today was the DCE Cluster Christmas party. We sang songs, exchanged white elephant gifts and had food it was a good time. It's going to be weird to not see these people once a month after we move. They've really helped me a lot more than they will ever realize! So anyway, have a great night and there's the update! Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to ya soon! Know that you are loved!

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