Wednesday, November 17, 2004

strangers in music world

So I had a busy week last week and needed to cancel my guitar lesson. So I called at noon to cancel and hope to reschedule. It was okay to reschedule since I had called in at least two hours before my lesson. So I'm talking to the guy and he's like would you like to reschedule now or when you come in for your next lesson? I said now would be great. So he asked me when I could come and I said is Monday okay. He's like yeah. I said is Brian going to be there? No, Brian would be at their store in IL. on Monday. So he told me, you don't have to make up the lesson with Brian. I'm like that would be a little hard. Brian has been teaching me and he knows what I know and what I don't. So he says, everyoneteaches the same thing. I found that hard to believe on the phone but whatever. So he said how about Tuesday at five? I said that's fine. So I assumed that he got my point about not wanting a different teacher and that Brian would be there on Tuesday at 5.

Tuesday at 5 came and I go to the lesson place and felt like a total idiot. I'm the only one over 4 feet tall taking a lesson. Lots of parents in the room but they were just picking up the little guys. So I'm standing there looking around thinking where's Brian? Maybe he had another lesson that went until 5 and he'll be out soon. 5 rolls around and no sight of Brian. I begin to get worried and want the floor to open up and swallow me whole...or just run out the door that might be easier. If you read the posting from Nov. 2 you will see that I am introverted and don't like to be put into new situations where I don't know the people. I felt so dumb.

So then this kid comes out of a room and the lady at the desk says, Jamie, you're doing a make up lesson right? I nod my head, Nick will be your teacher. Okay, so Nick was not a kid but he was not BRIAN! So we go to the room, which is a little freaky anyway, you know going to a room and shutting the door with some strange guy...just a little wierd. So Nick begins to just start jamming on his guitar which is plugged into the amp right behind me. I'm thinking is this going to be a recital or a class. Anyway, I show him what Brian and I have been working on and he's like I've never played this song before. Now, my point has been made...they don't all teach the same thing!!!!! Nick was nice and he taught me some new things but it was just weird. It took us 25 minutes to be able to talk to each other with out having that first date kind of weird awkward silence. AH! Anyway, I will be at my lesson on Thursday and Brian will be there and the world will continue to turn. It was just a weird evening in my world. Just thought you'd all like to know that. Have a good day!

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Beer and Pretzels said...

Jamie, I feel your discomfort! Being an introvert just seems to make some things in life all the more difficult. (As if they aren't difficult enough already)Miss you!