Monday, November 22, 2004

home in wi

So as some of you know I am now at my home in Wisconsin. I love being home. It is so familiar and I just feel comfortable. I don't feel as if I need to be something that I'm not or put on a show for people. It's like that favorite pair of jeans type of comfort. It may not be the prettiest thing to wear but it just makes you feel good. Visiting with old friends and sharing some laughs with my family is what it's all about. I miss them and it's great to catch up. I spent the day today with Katie, Trysten and Maya...what an awsome day. Julie came over this evening for dinner, cards and a movie. It's nice to not have to worry about all the little things that go along with being in a new place. This is home. What an awsome thing. I love it! So as I sleep in my brothers old room and remember what the house looked like back then I pray that God will bless you also with great memories and if you are at home now...look around, remember the sights and smells of your house...don't take it for granted. I am thankful for my home but more importantly the people that come along with it. I know that this is only temporary and that my home in heaven will be a million times better than this but if that is the case then I cannot even begin to imagine how incredible it will be and how comfortable I will feel. God is good. Know that you are loved!

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