Monday, November 01, 2004

happy reformation day

This weekend was pretty good. I finally got some relaxing in! Happy Reformation Day to everyone out there! Happy 487th Birthday Lutherans! Anyway, Friday night Greg's mom was in town so we went out for dinner then went to Wal-Mart to get some Cardinal gear. Then we played a game...not sure who won but I think I was close to the top.

Anyway, Saturday morning I worked and then drove an hour to Alton, IL to watch Greg play basketball against Principia. This college is a Christian Scientist they do not use doctors or trainers and just believe that your body will heal itself every time. The game was good, the seminary lost but it was good to watch them play. Then Saturday night Greg and I went to a little party / bonfire/ hayride. It was nice to hang out with people from church. They are so much fun! Wish we could stay here longer. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? So that was a good time. Then we got home and I went to bed early and even earlier since it was the end of daylight savings time!

Church was good, Rev. Wilken preached and it was a great sermon. Greg had to play for the service so I sat alone. Bible class was fun. We talked about the Reformation, and how awesome Martin Luther is. Then we built the "Mightiest Fortress" out of peanut butter and grahm crackers. We also had a "Diet of Worms" dessert. You could say that we had ourselves a little reformation day party! Sunday afternoon I went to Target and then just relaxed. Greg and I watched "A Beautiful Mind" during dinner and then I cross stiched. Went to bed a little early again and that was nice ... I was so tired. Oh and I practiced the guitar for half hour. Yeah, that's right I said I practiced on the guitar. I am taking lessons...I've had two so far. I figured that I better start learning cuz I'm not getting any younger. So last night I was tired so it was a little more difficult but I still practiced. Now my middle finger hurts. *sniff sniff* Anyway, that's my story of the weekend. Hope everyone had a good weekend as well. Will talk to ya soon! Know that you are loved!

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Beer and Pretzels said...

Hey Jamie! Those "Mightiest Fortress" and Diet of Worms dessert ideas are great! I wish I had thought of them. I'm still trying to get my kids at youth group to understand that when I say Martin Luther, I DON'T mean Martin Luther King, Jr. It is frustrating. And I must say, I'm so excited to know that there is a fellow youth worker out there that doesn't play guitar! (yet) I tried to learn and failed. It's not a talent God has given me. I hope you have been blessed!