Wednesday, November 24, 2004

growing up

So Greg, Julie and I went to a Concordia Men's basketball game last night. It was weird. You know once you leave highschool they say to never go back...well at least for a little while. Well sometimes I wonder if the same is true of college. I mean, it was so different. I felt so totally removed. I don't think I knew but two people there and they probably didn't know who I was either. In December I will have been graduated from college for two years. That is so strange, I feel so old. I knew that when I went to college I would very quickly be disconnected from the life of a highschoolers and all that entails but I did not realize how different things would be once I left college. The students seem so different yet I could still picture my friends and I hanging out at a basketball game. The whole community aspect of college is one that I miss. Never again will I have ten of my friends living just down the hall. I will never be able to sleep until 5 minutes before I need to be somewhere throw on a hat and call myself dressed. College was a great time and all and life is so different now but I don't know if I would trade in my life now to go back to college. I love waking up next to Greg, I love walking to work and being there. Although sometimes I would prefer to sleep in and wear my pajamas to work I can't cuz times have changed.

I am a grown up now. How scary is that? I have a real job that I get to go to and I don't have to take any tests...except the mental ones my youth throw at me every once in a while. It's just weird to see how things have changed but yet are so similar to how things always were. We can look at things in the Bible and if we take away the technology that we have today things would be very similar. That is why I can still relate to my Jr. High and Highschool youth because I went through those things also and underneath it all it's still the same sort of stuff. I have learned many lessons by things that I went through and now I can begin to share that with them. I hope. Growing up is really hard for some people, they just want to hold on to the past, and that's okay to an extent. Chris Rice sings about this very thing in a song called 8th Grade. "Why does the past always seem safer, maybe because at least we know we made it. And why do we worry about the future, when every day will come just the way the Lord ordained you can believe it yeah, just like the 8th grade" He puts it so well. So as I'm thinking about the past and everything I've learned from it, I am also looking forward to what the future holds, a new city to live in next August, new babies in the family (from Holly and Gene) and maybe even kids in our future. There is so much unchartered territory out there and I am looking forward to. I've got Christ on my side there's nothing to be worried about.

I will leave you with a quote I just read today that said "Quit telling God how big your storms are and tell your storms how big your God is." Happy Thanksgiving and may you be blessed!

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Beer and Pretzels said...

When I took my youth group to Jesus Retreat last spring, it felt completely surreal. It was the same Concordia, with the exact same people, but they had different faces and they didn't know me! At least that's how I felt. I hope that you are enjoying good ol' WI and your Thanksgiving. I wish that I was going to be around on Saturday, but my Thanksgiving is taking place on Sunday, so I'll be up north with the parents. God bless!