Thursday, October 28, 2004

sad towns

So St. Louis is bummin' cuz the Cardinals lost the World Series. There is nothing I can say to cheer people up. But I guess it just wasn't our year. They played great all the way up to the World Series and then it's almost as if they just clamed up and got nervous or something. I am by no means a baseball analyst but that's just my crazy, messed up humble opinion! So besides that, my house was quiet last night. Greg was not given anything to scream about like he did when they won the penant. Sorry to hear about your loss Cardinals. Go get em next year.

So Thiensville, WI is also a sad town and so is Concordia University Mequon. They lost one of their "hangouts" this morning. At 2:30am this morning the Regatta Bowling Alley and Bar burned down. So where are all those college students going to hang out now and go bowling? I'm sure they'll think of something. Sorry to hear about your loss Thiensville. Glad you're okay Jules.

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