Wednesday, October 20, 2004

mystery event and feeling young

So we had our mystery event this past weekend. It was a blast. We went to Camp Wartburg in IL. and we tried to solve the Mystery of Intrigue on Emerald Pier. All the characters were portrayed very well. And it turns out that Zelda Brumell (amanda) was the one who murdered Charles Whitely (eric). We had fun playing games and doing a Bible study and singing! We had a q-tip war and it was so much fun but made you light headed after wards. But I have to brag because my team won all three times! We also did the suck pudding through a straw game and Greg won that one....what does that tell you! HA! Anyway, it was a really good time. I hope that everyone that went had fun as well. Angie, sorry about the large numbers chasing you! HA! I will put a picture up here soon of the group that went.

The Sausage Dinner went well. Thanks for all the help everyone! So, I got to sit out in the commons and try to sell entertainment books and pizzas and stuff...what a blast! Anyway, I cannot count how many people thought that I was just another student trying to sell things. So many people made comments like, when do you graduate? What school do you go to? and the like! Bummer, do I really look that young? WoW! How is anyone going to trust my with their children in youth ministry if they just think I'm another one of the youth. Someone might come into one of our activities and assume that there is no leader there...for one I look like the youth and for two sometimes I act like them too. I'm doomed! Well, I guess it's okay to look young but not for everything.

Another young looking story. I am photographing a wedding this weekend. So I went to Creve Couer Camera to get my camera cleaned and to get a new lens thing...and the guy told me that my camera couldn't be cleaned. He was like do you need this for a class or something? I'm like no I am photographing a wedding this weekend. He's like is that your profession? Like it would be highly unlikely that I could be a professional wedding photographer. Anyway, I said well, I have another job so I guess it's my side job...he says so it's a hobby. Well, no, I get paid to take pictures at peoples weddings so it is like a profession. He showed me some cameras because I said I was looking into getting another one, he asked what I could afford so we got into the whole , I'm supporting my husband through grad school so not a whole lot conversation. He then points out a $600.00 camera and says you'll have to save up for this one because it's the best and a good one to have. I'm like did you not just hear what I said. So he gets me the lenses that I need and stuff and then asks, do you have film? I answer yes! Because I did have film. He's like so what are you shooting. Kodak 400 I told him and I think that satisfied him, I think he really wanted me to buy more stuff from them at crazy costs. I'm smarter than that. I think he really thought that this was going to be the first wedding that I've ever photographed and that I didn't know what I was doing! HA! So I bought my stuff and he gave me his card so that I can buy a camera from him...they must work on commission! Anyway, as I'm about to walk out the door he's like do you have a lens cleaner. I said no, so he showed me one and I'm proud of myself for this but I said not this time maybe later. Usually I would just buy it but I showed some restraint. Not sure if I really needed that or not...but it's the principle of the thing. Anyway, so I felt the whole time like he thought I was this young college student who didn't know what she was doing. And I don't claim to always know what I'm doing but I think I know more than he made me feel like I knew. Ya know? And that's my story.

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