Thursday, October 14, 2004

it really is random ramblings

hey everyone! how's it going? Cardinals won again last night! AWESOME! So yeah, other exciting news is that Tami finally had her baby on Tuesday. His name is Josiah David and he was 10lbs. He is really cute...I'll put a picture up here soon! The Youth Specialties conference was awesome! I had a great time and learned many new things! I got to see some of my good friends and my cousin and my old campus pastor. It was awesome! So now I have lots of ideas and it was just a great time to get refreshed and ready to go! Youth ministry rocks my face off! Thanks to PB and Adam for all they did for me this weekend! I really appreciate it! It was also great to stay with the Hatfield's one night! Thanks guys it was great! Mystery Event is this weekend. We're going to...yeah right like I'm gonna tell you. You'll have to wait till it's over to find out! I'll keep you in suspense till later! Have a great weekend! Know that you are loved!

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