Tuesday, October 05, 2004

2 years ago today!

Well, two years ago today Greg and I took the plunge, tied the knot, walked down the aisle, got married! I cannot believe that it is already two years ago. These years have gone fast! I still have to say that October 5, 2002 was the best day of my life so far. I look at this picture and so many memories just flood my mind. I can imagine the weather and exactly what is smelled like outside. I can see all the people sitting in church waiting for Greg and I to usher them out. I can see Greg's reaction to the convertible that we were going to be driven around in. I can still see the look on Greg's face when we cut the cake...that you better not smash that in my face look. I can remember the littlest details from that day and I am so grateful that I can. Normally I forget everything but that was just such an important day in my life. I can remember the feeling in the room when all the girls were getting their hair done in my basement, it was so relaxed and such a happy and joyful feeling. I didn't feel stressed or freak out. I guess I was a pretty good bride to be around...pretty laid back. But you'd have to ask others just to make sure I'm not making that up. I am SO grateful for all the people who stood up as bridesmaids and groomsmen and matrons of honor and best men. Brothers and sisters, cousins and best friends, what an awesome group of people to have support us. Plus all the people that supported us by coming and being an important part of our lives. Yes, there are people that we've met since that time that are very supportive of us and we thank you for that! Greg, I just wanted to say that I love you with all that I have. You are the best and I thank God every day for allowing our paths to cross in college and for the spark to ignite. You are the man of God that He wanted me to marry and I am so glad it was you. I love you so much! I am so excited to see what the future holds for us,...these first two years have been a fun ride! I love you! Here's to many many more!

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