Wednesday, September 01, 2004

random hello

hello everyone...I hope that you are doing good! I am having a pretty good week so far...wait no, it's a really good week except the fact that I have had this terrible headache since Saturday. But I'll just deal with that I guess. Well, Sunday was a great day, Bible class and Small Groups went really well. It was so good to see so many people there...I encourage you to keep bringing your friends and other people! So yeah, Sunday was good...would have been better if Greg was home but what can ya do? Monday was awesome cuz two of my good friends from college came to St. Louis. Kimi who lives in Texas was on a little vacation and stopping through from Chicago so Joy our friend who was in Panama for the last year met Kimi in Chicago and followed her down to St. Louis. So we got together for lunch, then I met up with Joy a little later in the afternoon and she came over to my house before we went to Laura's house (where Kimi and Joy would be staying that night) for dinner. Dinner was then Greg was on his way home from Texas so Eric dropped him off at Laura's house and we all hung out for a while...there were some other people there too. Kimi and Joy were planning on leaving in the morning to go back to Texas and Wisconsin,...but Joy decided that she wanted to stay longer, so she called Prof. Feiertag because she was supposed to speak in his class on Tuesday...he said it would be okay if she spoke on Joy came over Tuesday morning instead of going home. So we had lunch and then Joy and Greg went to the Seminary to see some people while I worked. Then last night we went over to Jen and Eric's for dinner...which again was really yummy! Then we played FARKLE! Awesome dice game and I totally kicked everyone's butts the first time around and then I totally lost the second time around. But that's okay it was a great time to hang out. We haven't seen Jen and Eric for a while now. So Joy stayed with us last night and now she's at my house hanging out with Greg before we all have lunch and she leaves for Wisconsin. So it has been a great week so far. It is so good to see some of our good friends and to take time to hang out with them. At the begining of October Joy is going back to Panama for another we won't see her. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what was going on with me this week. I have confirmation and meetings tonight so I still have lots to do. Maybe tomorrow night I can just sit on my butt. It's all good though! Well, I'll see ya around. Take care and know that you are loved!

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