Monday, September 13, 2004

fast awesome weekend!

So this weekend went really fast and did not even feel like a weekend. I did not get my house cleaned...but at least the laundry got done. Saturday morning was awesome. Kristin, Steve, Angie and I went to Orphan Grain Train and we got to put together school kits for some kids in Iraq. It was so great to get the boxes packed with lots of good school supplies and to know that they would be going to kids in Iraq. How awesome to know that we really helped out. We also got to sort some shoes and get some boxes of new shoes ready to get shipped over there also! Kristin, Angie and I had a good afternoon, filled with pizza, chocolate (where Deanne works) and shopping (for groceries). Thanks for the fun times Kristin and Angie. Saturday night I went to Ellen's for the Alaska get together and that was a lot of fun. It was so great to see everyone and all the pictures. It was also nice to get doubles from other people. I will continue working on my scrapbook until it is done! Sunday was good also...did a little jelly bean children's messge. Bible class was great, it was so awesome to have everyone share something about their lives! The National Youth Gathering Ice Cream Social was a good time too. And then I went to Kohl's because they are having a huge by one get one free sale. Bought two pairs of pants, four shirts and a purse for myself and two shirts and two ties for Greg...I love to go shopping! JOY DUDE small groups last night was really great too. So yeah, it was a great weekend but went by really fast. This morning I got to go to my friend Tami's and watch some of the kids she babysits while she took her son Thomas to the doctors! Back to work for me and tonight a stuff. Sorry to bore you with the little details about my boring life! Have a great day and know that you are loved!

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