Thursday, September 09, 2004

busy weekend!

Hey everyone in the Peace Uth! Just wanted to remind you of some things going on this weekend. Sat. morning we are going to the Orphan Grain Trian...please meet at church at 8:30am. Sat. evening Alaska mission trip reunion and picture sharing is at Ellen's. Sunday is Rally Day at church...yours truly will be giving the Children's Message...any ideas for me? Then we have the NYG Ice Cream plan on being there for that. 11:30 is the time for you. Then Sunday night we have JOY DUDE small groups! Please join us for that as well. Should be a good time. Tomorrow is my day off and I think I will sit around all day and work on my Alaska scrapbook so that it will be ready for the picture party on Sat. Anyway, sorry my blog is so boring! have a good day and know that you are loved by the creator of the universe (God).

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