Wednesday, August 18, 2004

vaction is rockin'

So I finally know what it is like to take a real vacation. I feel like I have not had one in like a year. Last summer when Greg and I moved to St. Louis I did not have a job and so we were able to just hang out and sleep in late and all that good stuff. Since I started my AWESOME job last August I have not had that luxury. Don't get me wrong I love to wake up for my job, it is the best job ever but it is nice to not have to rely on the stupid beeping noise every morning. I usually ignore it anyway but this week I don't have anything to ignore and that in and of itself is totally AWESOME! Vacation has been great, lots of Olympic watching (did I ever tell you how much I LOVE the Olympics). Lots of cross-stiching (I know I'm a big dork). Lots of hanging out with Greg and other family members and lots of time to see friends that I haven't seen in a while. Got to hang out with my best friend Julie tonight and that was the good ol days! So yeah, might I recomend a vacation for others of you who may think it is a waste of time. I totally understand why God rested on the seventh day...creating the world was a lot of work. Everyone needs a break. It will be good to get back to work and hang out with all my friends in the youth world but it is nice to get away and just be...uninterrupted ... unscheduled... unhurried... understood... I don't know... it was an "un" word! Anyway, just wanted to say hello to those of you out there who are checking this blog while I'm on vacation! Take care and know that you are loved! You rock!

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