Thursday, August 12, 2004

giving blood

So I used to give blood a lot my first year of college...and they kept calling me to give more! So I would go and get poked with a needle...get to eat lots of donuts and get asked all sorts of personal questions that I felt I should not have to answer...even though the answer was always 'no'. So then after my first year of college I went to China for five weeks...they didn't want my blood after that for a year. A year later I went to Juarez, they told me they didn't want my blood for another year. Then I went to Juarez again...another year later...I went to Tijuana...still they did not want my blood. So at the National Youth Gathering they were taking blood and Megan and I decided to give it a try...something nice to do and I'm not afraid of needles. So I asked them if it was okay for me to give blood since I had just been in Juarez...turns out it was okay...Juarez was a safe 'blood giving' place. So I answered all their weird questions and was ready to give blood. Then the lady pricks my finger...which was not hurt worse than a needle. What does she tell me...I'll have to test this for an appropriate iron count. What do you think happens guessed iron count was too low. Turns out so was Megans (get out of my head Megan). So we just decided that we need to eat better and hopefully we would gain back those 5 iron points that we were missing. However, we did not get a chance to go back and give blood. So at my church today there is a blood drive. I figure what could be better than this...I can finally redeem myself and give blood after my 5 year stint. So I go through the long process answering all the questions and make a long story blood does not want to leave my arm. So I once again got denied and could not give blood. I think that I will resign from trying until they hunt me down and take it from me. There is my giving blood story. Hope you enjoyed it!

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