Tuesday, August 03, 2004

35,000 and then some

So I am back and I think that I am done traveling for a while. Four trips down in two months. Can't believe I did that...wait...yes I can. I am crazy like that. All the trips went really well and they were all different and hold a special place in my heart. I cannot rank the trips because they were all so different. The National Youth Gathering was awesome. The youth that I went along with were great...they really seemed to get something out of it...even if it was just a confused look on their faces when the drama ended and they were thinking...that was it? What was it? Anyway, besides that crazy drama...(some of them liked it I think) everything was really good. The LCMS is becoming more technologically savy which is good for them! The worship service on Tuesday night was by far the most talked about highlight of the trip. Watching 35,000 youth with the same belief system partaking in communion is one of the greatest things on earth. Just a little glimpse of heaven is what we saw, all taking communion and praising Jesus and not being afraid to do so were some of the comments I heard from my youth! WOW! What a rush. It was awesome. But we sat close to the front. If we would have sat any further back we would have been hearing the sound delay and that may have messed things up a little. Oh well.

I got to see a lot of friends that I haven't seen in a while like Micah W., Nate S., Casey M., my cousins Adam, Ben and Katie, the Janetzkes, and the biggest shock of all my friend Tia from highschool. It was good to see so many familiar faces. The people that were walking with me were getting sick of me stopping all the time to talk to someone else that I knew. So now I am home for a while. Greg and I are taking a vacation to see our families. We are going to Indy first to see his family and then to WI to spend some time with my family and friends. I hope to see Katie and maybe a new baby by that time!!! Greg is also preaching his first sermon at Divine Savior in Hartford, where he worked with the youth before we moved to St. Louis. That is the weekend of the 22nd! He will also be doing their Thursday night service. It will be good to hear that first sermon and to be able to see family and friends. So Greg has the rest of this week with classes and next week we are going to finish cleaning and organizing our new house! Should be fun! Anyone who wants to come and help it is welcome! HA! Have a great day in the Lord and know that you are loved. Want to give a shout out to Kimi who now lives in Texas and my friend Ben! Hope that you guys are doing well!

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