Saturday, June 05, 2004

moving day...make that weekend

So Greg and I are moving. We found out on Wednesday night that we could get in and start cleaning and painting on we did just that. I worked in the morning and then we started painting. We painted the bedroom that dark red color that we have now and we painted the family room a dark looks really awesome. Well, it will look even better when all of our stuff is in there and I don't have to move anything anymore! Oh well. So we finished painting on Friday and then the carpet cleaning guy came...let me tell you the carpets needed it bad. It was as if the people that lived there did not own a vaccum or a broom or anything of that sort. I would have gladly lended them mine but they never asked. So we cleaned and painted and today we started moving in. See, we were told on Thursday night that we could start moving in. We thought we were going to have to wait until the end of June so we had not started packing anything. So we packed as we moved. And get this we only have three boxes...okay so we have a few more like the ones that the blender goes in and things that have specific boxes but none for the tons and tons of books that we have. So we went to Walmart and asked for some boxes and since we did not call the night before they could only give us three boxes. Oh well, we are making it work! So our family room stuff is almost all over at the new place and the living room stuff is there too. Some of the kitchen stuff has made it over as well. We still have A LOT more to move! should be fun. Tonight we are going to a BBQ with the gang that is going to Alaska so we are done for the day. But tomorrow we will only be able to work on it for a little while. We are going to a graduation party after church and then have JOY DUDE in the evening. So maybe by MOnday we will have everything moved! We'll see. Greg starts classes on Tuesday and I am leaving next Sunday for my first mission trip so we have to get it done ASAP!
We are very excited about this new house. It is much bigger than where we live now. We will have three bedrooms...or should I say, One bedroom, one office and one craft room. Don't worry we'll still have room for people to stay over. We have a family room and a living room, a full basement with lots of storage room and an extra bedroom. There is a very nice large back patio, a huge yard for Greg to mow and play catch in and an inground swimming pool with a slide. Before you get all excited and invite yourself over I should tell you one thing. The pool is going to be knocked in! We cannot use it...except for maybe planting flowers! Too much insurance and too much liability since the church owns the house. Oh well, it's fun to look at and dream about for the time being! I better get going! Hope I didn't bore anyone to tears! I will put some pictures up here soon of our house! Have a great day and know that you are loved!

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