Tuesday, June 01, 2004

family time

Good morning everyone! WOW what a weekend. Greg was gone for 10 days and returned home yesterday at 6:00pm. But my parents and best friend Julie came on Friday and left Monday and my brother Eric, came on Saturday and is leaving this afternoon. It was awesome that they were all able to come! We went to the Earll bbq on Sat. Had lunch with the Horvath's on Sunday and lunch at Greg's aunts house on Monday. It was nice that I didn't have to cook at all. The power went out on Sunday night for a couple of hours so we decided to order pizza. Saturday at the Earll's as I am sure you have all heard, I had a little run in with the four wheeler. I fell off! I am the first one to ever fall off at the Earll's house. I was laughing so hard, that I don't think I realized how much it actually did hurt. I think I pulled my tricep muscle and something by my shoulder blade. And I got some little bruises on my leg where the tire rolled over it! It was funny and I am sure that everyone who was watching got a kick out of it..what can I say, I just wanted to make everyone laugh. But please don't make fun of me...it WAS an ACCIDENT! Anyway, Greg had a great time in NEW YORK. I will post some pictures of his trip later. Hope that everyone is doing well. Know that you are loved and spend some time with your family...once they are gone...in a different state or something you really start to miss them...even if they have always gotten on your nerves!

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