Tuesday, June 08, 2004

boxes boxes everywhere

Hey everyone! We finally have all our stuff moved into our new house. But you can't really move around very easily...lots of boxes and lots of things to be put away. A big thanks to Rich and Fred and Fred's grandsons for all their help on Monday and also to Jen and Eric, we could not have done it without you! Thanks Jeanette for your help on Sunday, two extra hands make such a huge difference and so do some more boxes! We will have a new phone number and obviously a new address so watch for that! We are really excited about this house and the room that we have...cuz we have so much stuff! Jen and Eric can attest to that! Well, Greg started classes today and he said that he is going to have a very busy summer! We are going to Wisconsin on Thursday night because Greg is playing his trombone in our friends Matt and Emily's wedding! So we are driving up on Thursday night and coming back on saturday night because on Sunday the mission trips are getting commissioned at the 8:00am church service. Then at 1:00pm on Sunday I am leaving for my first mission trip...Handy Camp in Indiana. Then I come back Saturday the 19th and leave for Mexico early on the 20th. Should be fun and exciting and tiring all at the same time! Please keep me in your prayers so that I do not burn out...or just go crazy! Know that God holds you in the palm of His hands! You are loved!

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